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Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Buying Tips, Kitchen Tricks | 0 comments

Tips to Buy the Right Cut of Steak

Tips to Buy the Right Cut of Steak

Steak is one of the most favorite meats for many meat eaters. And it happens to be not a cheap cut of meat at all. So when you are a steak lover, you have to spend more money on the meat you buy. If you overlook the method to choose good steak, you may end up spending your money on an unsatisfactory piece of steak. Sometimes it is not about the quality of the meat; the problem is that you have bought the wrong piece of steak! So, how to avoid such problems? In this article, we will provide some tips for you to choose the best steak for your money. There are just a few features to examine. When you master them, you will never risk the chance of taking a bad piece of steak home. The good news is that you only to need to check with your eyes to know if the steak is the right one for you or not.

1. Make Sure You Are Familiar with Different Cuts of Steak and Their Names

You may roll your eyes looking at this tip. So is there more than one type of steak? Aren’t they supposed to be under the same name “steak”? The truth is there are various names for different cuts of steak. And the names indicate the status of steak, for example, it is boneless, and it has bones etc… So the first thing you need to do is getting to know how cuts of steak are named. This is essential.

– Fillet cut of steak (fillet steak): Among all cuts of steak, fillet cut is the most expensive one. Normally, when you eat steak in restaurants, they will offer you fillet cut of steak. Fillet steak has no bone and it has very fine texture. As for the taste, it is the tenderest cut of steak.

A filler cut of steak

– Sirloin cut of steak (sirloin steak): The sirloin steak, as suggested by its name, is cut from the loin. It is a good quality cut of steak. It is usually large. A sirloin steak can have bone on it or is boneless. You may see a different name for this cut which is a “centre-filet.”

A sirloin cut of steak

– T-bone cut and Porterhouse cut of steak: These cuts have a large bone on them. They will be more suitable for a BBQ party than a normal dinner. Another name for these cuts is strip loin steak.

– Rump cut of steak: This cut of steak is usually tender and lean. It is taken from the upper part of the hind legs. This cut is also a great choice for BBQ.

– New York cut of steak: Okay it is just a name. This name does not mean the cut is from a cow raised in New York. It just means a boneless cut of strip loin steak. It is a T-bone cut or porterhouse cut without a bone.

– Skirt cut of steak: This cut of steak is from the inner thigh, and it is very flavorsome. If you are going to make some stews or casseroles, then this is the perfect choice for you as the cut will taste best when it is slow-cooked.

2. The Best Steak Is the Steak that Suits Your Taste and Your Needs

Once you have already identified the different cuts of steak, now you have an idea of what will suit your needs and your taste. If you like tender steak, go for the fillet cut. It is the tenderest part yet also the most expensive one. In case you do not care about the toughness of the texture yet only want a good portion of grilled steak, go for the strip loin steak. It is now clear to you on how to spend your money without picking up the wrong piece of steak.

3. Check the Background of the Steak

Checking the background of the steak will give you more information on choosing a good piece of steak. It can also help you to avoid the possibility of buying meat from a dangerous source. So check the origin of your steak as provided in the supermarket or just ask the butcher if you are buying from a specialized store. If no origin info can be given, then do not buy the steak. With experiences, you will know which one to pick and which one not to.

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