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Posted by on May 27, 2016 in Other stuffs | 0 comments

What Everybody Ought to Know About Oversleeping and Its Illnesses

What Everybody Ought to Know About Oversleeping and Its Illnesses

There are times you may have thought that sleeping much more than usual is good for your health since you can save your energy or whatever that makes you feel like relax.

However, sometimes, what you think is not what it seems to be. You should always keep this into your mind-Follow the lead of the original rule will sophisticatedly ensure your physical health as well as other precious aspects.

Below are some particular diseases associated with oversleeping and disorder sleeping time which you are highly likely to get.


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Causing diabetes

People who have a tendency to sleep up to 9 hours a day are more likely to get Diabetes than those who sleep just about 7 to 8 hours every day.

Diabetes is one of the main reasons for which causing fatal serial diseases such as cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, blindness, kidney failure, erectile dysfunction, necrosis, etc. (learn more about diabetes)

Increasing risks of getting heart diseases

People who spend more than 10 hours a day in bed have a higher rate of getting heart diseases (38%) in comparison with those who have just enough sleep.

Cardiovascular is one of the various syndromes which are considered to be deadly fatal. Therefore, take care of your health is a must. It is said that the best doctor who ever exists is nobody but you.

Relating to obesity

Oversleeping is also linked to the risk of getting obesity, in particular for women who have the chance of getting such disease increasing by 21% compared with those who only sleep 8 hours a day.

Obesity is one of the various reasons that lead to some other cardiovascular diseases such as high cholesterol in the blood, atherosclerosis, etc. which are extremely dangerous to our health.

Causing headache

Sleeping disorderly up to more than 8 hours every day will make you suffer from serial annoying headaches.

Particularly, those who sleep much in the morning and go to bed late at night also have high risks of getting cluster headaches which may cast the feeling of discomfort and may wrongly influence our health as well as the current life.

Depression symptom

Sleeping more than 8 hours a day will increase by 15% the risk of getting depression, which may affect badly to our physical health.

Individuals who get depression symptom are often in a state of anxious suspense. They may have to work and live under uncomfortable conditions. Along with time, as a consequence, other illnesses will arise which severely cause physical problems.

The risk of decreased lifespan

Photo Credit: WIKIPEDIA

Photo Credit: WIKIPEDIA

Scientists suggest that you should only have exact 8 hours spending on the bed and the amount of minimum, as well as maximum sleeping time, should be 7 and 9 hours, respectively.

Above are some diseases associated with oversleeping. Nevertheless, it does not mean that we recommend you to lessen your sleeping amount.

Let’s try everything to maintain your own working time and resting period in the appropriate and sophisticated manner, OK!

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