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Posted by on May 14, 2016 in Kitchen Tricks | 0 comments

How to Choose the Best Fruits

How to Choose the Best Fruits

Fruits are a common love in the world. They can be eaten fresh or made into juice, candy, jam, etc… There are numerous things we can do with fruits, and the results are just as wonderful! From a baby to an old man, it is just so hard for human to resist the attraction of fruits. Not to mention that there are countless, various types of fruits out there. If you do not like this type of fruit, then there should be that type of fruit that will please you.

Yet there is one point that makes the consumption of fruit can be sometimes inconvenient. They are not supposed to last long as fresh fruits. So from time to time, we may encounter rotten apples for bruised pears and the feeling of eating or touching these are not pleasant at all! So if you are a fruit lover, prepare some tips to choose the best fruits and avoid the chance of meeting bad ones.

1. Pick the Fruits of the Season

Fruits, naturally, come by season. There are specific times in a year that some types of fruits are more available than others. The fruits of the season are cheaper, fresher and more delicious than ones that are out of season. So go with them if you want to have good fruit at reasonable prices. Fruits that are not in season are usually transported from faraway places, and they may not be fresh enough and do not have good flavors. Not to mention that they can be quite expensive.

2. Feel the Fruits That You Are Going to Buy

Make a use of your senses. Pick the fruit, feel it by your hand to see if it is properly firm or not. There are fruits that are supposed to be firm and others that are supposed to be soft. Check if the look is natural or not. And smell to see if the fruits are rotten or not. Any sign of bad fruits or abnormally good fruits can be determined simply by your senses.

3. If the Fruit Has a Stem, Check Its Status

The stem of fruit can tell us a lot about how the fruit is inside. The best fruit should be ripe fruit with a green stem on it. If the stem is green yet the fruit is hard, then the fruit is picked earlier than it should be. Such fruits are not to be chosen. If the stem is dry, then the fruit is picked too long ago, and it does not have a good flavor anymore.

4. Stay Away from the Mold

Check around the fruit to see if there is any mold. If the fruit you are going to pick has even the smallest sign of mold, stay away from it. Do not pick fruits with mold because it is not only bad for your taste, but also dangerous for your health.

5. Do not Go for Strange Colors

Go for the fruits with natural colors, not the strange ones. They may be not ripe enough or contain some kinds of chemicals.

6. Check If the Fruit Is Physically Damaged

Check the fruit for any bruises or spots. If there are these signs, do not pick the fruits. Those fruits are usually badly handled, and apart from being physically damaged, they may not be kept very well regarding hygiene during the transportation.

7. Pick Up the Fruit Separately

Fruits can be laid open or put in boxes. The advice for you is picking the one that is open in front of your eyes. Pick them one by one to make sure each and every piece that you choose is good enough for you. Do not go for packed fruit box; you may risk having several bad ones inside.

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