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Coffee Grinder for French Press Buying Guide

Coffee Grinder for French Press Buying Guide

This is a guest post by Jeanette Schmidt – the owner of

There is nothing more wonderful than enjoying a cup of delicious coffee every morning. It is convenient for you to pick a cup of coffee from the coffee bar or simply enjoying the instant coffee. With the support of advanced coffee grinders, you can make coffee right at home instead of going out.

In order to get the ultimate guide to picking the best coffee grinder for French press, you can see it here to decide what the best option to choose is.

Types of Coffee Grinder

As its name, the coffee grinder is responsible for grinding coffee beans. The most important requirement for a great cup of coffee is completely fresh ground beans. Grinding coffee is an easy task thanks to a good coffee grinder. There is a great number of French press grinders available in today’s marketplace. They are greatly different in many aspects, including the blade grinder and the burr grinder.

  • Blade grinder

A blade grinder is a popular option in this days and ages. It appears sooner in the market than the burr grinder. Therefore, the machine inherits a variety of excellent features from many generations in Europe in general and Italy in particular. A blade grinder includes a small blade in the center of the unit, which provides power to grind coffee. All you need to do is using a handle to start the grinding process. The smart machine works simply, looking like a kitchen blender. It is obvious that the blade grinder is more reasonable than the Burr type. As a result, it meets different types of budgets well. If cost is the first priority to consider, the blade grinder is an ideal option. This is because there are less complicated parts in a blade grinder. You don’t have to spend much money for using or replacing its components. Some automatic grinders come with a cheap price and great variations.

  • Burr grinder

Another favorite suggestion of many customers is the Burr grinder. There are many reasons why we need using a burr grinder. The first reason is that it provides super power to grind a few coffee beans at the same time due to 2 strong burrs. Two major types of burr grinder are the conical and the flat burr grinder. A big plus of this grinder is the capability of providing greater tasting coffee. Although the burr grinder equips high-end top quality, it has still left some limitations. The biggest minor is a quite high cost that is out of the budget for some people. Why does the unit become so expensive? This is because it uses advanced technology to grind coffee beans.

Benefits of Using a Coffee Grinder for French Press

A coffee grinder for French press keeps your coffee flavor completely natural and fresh without transit. Use this intelligent grinder means you could avoid common problems from buying coffee at the local shops. Several issues when using coffee from shops are contaminated coffee beans, the loss of natural aroma, the contact between beans and moisture. These factors might spoil your coffee beans and its quality.

Features to Look for When Buying a Coffee Grinder

  • Size

First and foremost, make sure that your coffee grinder comes with the appropriate size. The size of a grinder depends on the specific types of coffee for brewing. However, with the coarse grinder for French Press, you could be rest assured about this requirement. Remember to choose the machine that associates with an efficient coarse grind. Besides, 5 minutes for your coffee to steep is the idealist time of strongly brewing beans. Set the timer to get the best grinding result.

  • Consistency

The consistency of a coffee grinder is expressed through the equal size of coffee grains. Some cheap coffee grinders lack this feature; therefore, they are less efficient in brewing. A grinder with appropriate consistency often delivers stronger motors and high-quality parts. Think carefully about the model you want to spend money.

  • Ease of Cleaning

You had better purchase a grinder with the great ease of cleaning. This plays an important role if you often drink coffee in the morning. It takes less time for making a delicious cup of coffee and you are ready for going to work.

Selecting the clean coffee grinder is an extremely important task. Avoid purchasing the unit with lots of old ground inside. These grounds will include different particles that affect your coffee flavor.

  • Quietness

When it comes to grinding, quietness is a vital factor to consider. To reduce noise from the grinding operation, let’s pay attention to the higher quality of motor and materials. It leads to the slower motor rotation and the surprise quietness as well.

  • Price

Normally, the higher cost, the greater features that a coffee grinder can perform. A coffee grinder for French press that associates with a consistent cup of coffee often requires more than $100. If you want to invest in the best consistent coffee grinder, the cost can be more than $500. The ultimate benefits of this advanced type are the excellent ability of cleaning and extreme quietness. You can choose good models within the mid-price ranges. They are less expensive and not so hard to clean.

Other typical features of a French press coffee grinder include exterior, durability, timer, bean hopper and more.

Tips for Making Coffee by a French Press

To get the true taste, the ingredients for making coffee should include fresh coffee beans and filtered water. While waiting for the water boils, it is advisable for you to make some necessary preparations. All you need to do are removing the lid, and pulling straight the plunger. The process for making coffee with a French press is similar to other common coffee grinders.

After you measure the appropriate amount of coffee grounds, add water and stir the mixture. 25 g of grounds are enough for half a liter of water. Stirring should be gentle to combine all ingredients together. Next, start the making process by operating the plunger. Pouring coffee is the final step. Carefully hold the lid to avoid dripping liquid.

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